Meet the Ampliteer Leading Our Global Solutions Consulting Team: Todd Vancil

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Posted on December 7, 2020

Todd joined Amplitude to lead our Global Solutions Consulting Team. We talked with him about what drove his decision to join Amplitude, his thoughts on the Solutions Consulting profession, and where the Solutions Consulting team at Amplitude is headed in the next few years.

What motivated you to join Amplitude?

  1. Market Leadership: Amplitude stood out to me because it’s disrupting the digital marketplace–dominating the segment focused on digital product makers. Amplitude boasts an impressive cohort of digital-first companies like PayPal, and Peloton. I was excited to see the wide array of enterprise-class customers like IBM, Intuit, and many more of the world’s best-known brands.
  2. Foundation for Growth: Amplitude is committed to building the framework to support long-term growth and scale. Obviously this segment of our industry represents an enormous opportunity for growth for many years to come. Planning and building for that kind of growth requires significant will and commitment from investors and executives. I was impressed with the vision our CRO, Matt Heinz, and executive leadership outlined to assemble a world-class sales organization. The Solutions Consulting (SC) team is a vital part of that vision, and I’m thrilled to have a hand in making it come to pass.
  3. Sales Team: I was mightily impressed with the Sales/SC Leadership I met during my due diligence. As I’ve gotten to know more and more of the team, I’m really excited about our team. Tenacious, customer-focused, and driven to succeed. This is a team full of outstanding sales and technical sales athletes.
  4. Customers: I’d heard around the industry how folks loved working with Amplitude. That starts with the internal culture—which is squarely focused on helping customers succeed. This was immediately validated as I talked to customers after joining. In one of my favorite early conversations a customer told me:

Amplitude has spread to every department within our company and the user-friendly functionality has made training a breeze. I use [Amplitude] Notebooks to create engaging newsletters of growth experiments and initiatives that are shared across the entire org on a monthly basis.”

You’ve made a career in Solutions Consulting, what is special to you about the profession?

I’m so glad you asked that! I passionately believe the technical seller has one of the best—maybe the best—seats in the arena of the technology marketplace. The professional solutions consultant is both technically and commercially astute and has the best view of how technology can drive business outcomes. Given that position in the value chain, the Solutions Consulting team has the potential to drive huge value for customers, for the product organizations, for marketing, for partners and more. I often say the solutions consultant is often the most versatile player on the technology sales team.

Our SCs have a particularly interesting job—working day in and day out with the people and organizations making digital products. The companies and business models we get to learn about and contribute to are so compelling and interesting. In my second week, I joined a call where I met an Amplitude customer with over 1,000 monthly active users in a prominent digital business. 

What is unique about the SC team at Amplitude?

We are blessed with the most talented and productive product development organization I’ve seen in my (long) career. Over the years, I’ve worked in companies where the field teams have grown frustrated with the slow pace of innovation–not here! Our SC Team is incredibly motivated by the challenge of representing the work of our amazing product development team to our prospects, customers and partners. That starts with truly and intimately understanding our prospects’ business objectives, how Amplitude solutions can help them drive positive outcomes, and then assisting our customers in achieving early and long-term value with our technology and services. 

They are also truly a team. In my first few months working with this group, I’ve been so impressed by how they support each other, the level of intimacy and cooperation with the Product organization, and how savvy they are with respect to Amplitude’s role in digital business. This is a world-class team whose commitment to each other, their Sales teams and their customers drives a tremendous amount of success for Amplitude. This legacy of success to-date is why we continue to invest heavily in individual skills, team skills, and career growth for our SCs. The sky is truly the limit for this talented team and I’m excited we are continuing to grow!

I’m so proud to be a part of this team. Amplitude is achieving tremendous success in the market, in great measure through direct involvement of our SC Team in the sales motion. So we have a great nucleus to build around over the next few years. As we (rapidly) grow, we are adding top notch solutions consultants who understand how large companies evaluate and buy. We’re also investing heavily in individual and team skills and career growth for our SCs—soft skills, tech skills, and more. It’s a fantastic time to join the SC Team at Amplitude.

What do the SCs find most rewarding about their work?

Well, one thing about our team is we love winning–almost as much as we hate to lose! Winning in the world of sales starts and ends with customers getting value–especially in today’s incredibly fast-changing marketplace. The most rewarding wins are the ones where we help drive outsized results with our customers. It’s really fun to build relationships with individuals, help them achieve corporate success, and then see how that leads to their personal career growth.

Personally, I am so grateful to work in a company filled with exceedingly bright, motivated professionals. Amplitude’s combination of cutting-edge technology, people-driven culture, and winning track record attracts some of the smartest people I’ve ever worked with.  

Amplitude is growing at an incredible pace, how do you and your team maintain balance to stay energized about the opportunity? 

This year has been so difficult for everyone in the world—and Amplitude is not immune from that. I was surprised, but then incredibly gratified to learn about a new “Sales Day Off” program given to the entire sales team in recognition of their consistent performance under difficult circumstances. We also have a really strong benefits program, flexible time off, and more; our company really walks the talk of caring about its employees. Moreover, this company really lives the team mentality so we’re there to support one another to ensure every gets the balance they need.

As for me, I recently achieved a life-long dream of becoming a certified private pilot. Ever since I was a little boy I’ve always had my eyes in the sky watching airplanes. I am happy to report that flying is more fun than I imagined, and it’s tremendously intellectually challenging! I get a huge sense of accomplishment after flying a well-thought-out approach and smoothly “greasing the landing.” So satisfying! 

Mallory Busch

Mallory Busch is Amplitude’s content marketing manager. A graduate of Northwestern’s Medill School of Journalism, Mallory has worked in web development and audience development at TIME Magazine, Chicago Tribune, and The Texas Tribune. Prior to Amplitude, she spent four years working in content marketing at a Chicago-based startup.

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