8 Analytics Podcasts for Understanding Users and Mastering Data

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Posted on July 17, 2019

If you’re seeking to drive traffic and generate more leads, who better to learn from than the experts themselves? Podcasts are one of the best learning resources available, especially when it comes to breaking down technical subjects such as data science and analytics.

To guide your learning, we put together the following collection of the best analytics-related podcasts to listen to. The podcasts featured in this list cover a range of analytics topics including behavioral analytics, SaaS business strategies, campaign performance analytics, and data visualization techniques.


1. Best Big Data Podcast To Help You Visualize Your Data: Data Stories

Podcast Hosts: Enrico Bertini & Moritz Stefaner

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

Moritz Stefaner, a data visualization specialist, and Enrico Bertini, Associate Professor {quote:left}Learn best practices for data visualization, how to improve data visualization, and how others utilize data visualization.{/quote} at NYU, run this podcast about everything related to data visualization. Covering real-life applications and case studies, there is a range of content to learn best practices for data visualization, how to improve data visualization, and how others utilize data visualization.

Each podcast has timestamps that help you quickly jump to sections of the podcast that might be more relevant to your interests. Bertini and Stefaner almost always include a guest speaker to help them cover the data visualization topic for the day, bringing new insights that make each discussion unique.

Top episodes we love:


2. Everyday Data Analytics Podcasts: Partially Derivative

Podcast Hosts: Jonathon Morgan, Vidya Spandana, and Chris Albon

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

As a personal project of the three hosts, Partially Derivative covers data analytics topics, often closely related to deep learning, machine learning, and other AI topics. {quote:right}Partially Derivative explains complex deep learning concepts in a laid back, listener-friendly way.{/quote} While they are currently no longer uploading new podcasts, the ones they have are specific to the niche of artificial intelligence in the world of data analytics.

Formatted as a casual, coffee-room conversation between the hosts, Partially Derivative explains complex deep learning concepts in a laid back, listener-friendly way.

Top episodes we love:

  • The Limits of Deep Learning: While machine and deep learning offer new, untapped potential, there are also limitations on what innovations this will bring and what problems this will solve for you. Check this podcast out to learn about the limitations of AI and its impact on your future projects.
  • When Bots Murder: A more creative and comedic commentary on bots and artificial intelligence, this podcast discusses the implications of bots and AI, and their ability and propensity to commit crime.


3. Essential Learning for SaaS Analytics: RAMP By InsightSquared

Podcast Host: Cara Hogan

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

This SaaS analytics podcast uses data stories to help others transform and rapidly grow {quote:left}This podcast goes into the nitty-gritty of using data analytics.{/quote} their business. With a more professional than personal feel, this podcast goes into the nitty-gritty of using data analytics to ramp up your SaaS business, draw insights, and make service improvements.

Top episodes we love:


4. The Fundamentals of Digital Analytics: The Digital Analytics Power Hour

Podcast Hosts: Michael Helbling, Moe Kiss, and Tim Wilson

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

Started by Michael Helbling and Tim Wilson during post-conference socializing, the Digital Analytics Power Hour sheds light on business analytics in a way that any person with a basic knowledge of analytics can relate to. Episode transcripts are also available, if you’d rather read than listen.

Top episodes we love:

  • #104: Getting the Data Collection Right with Adam Greco: Tackling the all too-common problem of people blaming their analytics, Adam Greco helps the usual hosts work out how to properly collect data so that you have the data you need to draw insights.
  • #069: The Biases of the Analyst: Approaching the topic from the perspective that everyone brings bias to any situation, this podcast helps you accept, acknowledge, and identify the biases in your thinking for more accurate data analysis.

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5. Inbound Insights from Marketing Professionals: Traffic and Leads Podcast

Podcast Host: One-Click Lindsey

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

Learn how to do the two things you need to drive traffic and turn this traffic into leads—attract customers and cultivate your resource. All it takes is one click to get a lead. {quote:right}All it takes is one click to get a lead.{/quote} From there, you need to convince leads there is valuable content, services, and/or resources to stick around for. With podcasts aimed at boosting traffic and lead generation, there is an abundance of content to help you make the most of your marketing efforts.

Top episodes we love:


6. Discussions on Strategic Analytics: Measured Direction

Podcast Host: Tom Miller

What you’ll learn:

As a listener-driven podcast that responds to audience questions, this podcast is unique. The host and guest speakers discuss topics closely related to data analytics and marketing, breaking down more specific topics one at a time.

Top episodes we love:

  • Practicing “Agile” Analytics: Focusing on agile analytics methodology, episode 6 offers advice on using streamlined processes to mitigate risk, make your workflow more efficient, and adapt to problems quickly. Learn how to create a fast product cycle to test metrics, analyze user behavior, make product adjustments, and repeat the process for continual product iterations and improvements.
  • Getting Started: This episode sets the foundation for the podcast by introducing the most fundamental topics on data analytics. The episode covers how to use an analytics tool, what the benefits are, and what to track first. To reinforce their learning, listeners are encouraged to get hands-on experience by practicing key concepts with a low-cost analytics software.


7. Tips on Data Visualization and Presentation: The Present Beyond Measure Show

Podcast Host: Lea Pica

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

Sitting at the intersection of data visualization and analytics, The Present Beyond {quote:left}The Present Beyond Measure Show provides the tools you need to deliver impassioned, focused, and impactful data visualizations and presentations.{/quote} Measure Show provides the tools you need to deliver impassioned, focused, and impactful data visualizations and presentations. The podcast functionality is simple and convenient, with 15-second rewind and 60-second fast-forward buttons, as well as tags that show commonly discussed and referenced topics.

Top episodes we love:


8. Data Science Pitfalls to Watch for: Data Crunch Podcast

Podcast Host: Ginette Methot

What you’ll learn about from podcast:

Hosted by Ginette Methot, this podcast is about the ways data science, machine learning, {quote:right}Ginette and guest speakers reflect on how data analytics is shifting the way we create, analyze, and use products.{/quote} and AI are currently changing our world. In this series, Ginette and guest speakers reflect on how data analytics is shifting the way we create, analyze, and use products as well as how we can adapt product and development processes to align with this changing landscape.

Top episodes we love:

Tune In To Accelerate Your Learning

Learning is a key component of any product improvement process. The best analytics podcasts, therefore, are the ones that help you build your most data-informed team. Using expert insights taken from podcasts, you’ll expedite your team’s learnings to integrate analytics into each stage of the product management and improvement process.

Continue your learning with our complete list of the best product manager podcasts for 2019, where we feature topics on growth, user engagement, and design.

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